Pulsar Search Collaboratory Database

Thank you for your interest in the Pulsar Search Collaboratory! Please complete this short application to participate in a 6 session online workshop to get you ready to analyze pulsar data. The course will consist of a weekly live webchat, followed by a "homework assignment" you can complete each week. Expect to spend two hours/week including the webchat. At the end of the workshop you will have two test sets of data to analyze. Once you master those tests, you will be a full member of the PSC, and gain access to raw data to analyze.

The workshop will begin in late September/early October 2017.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Sue Ann at sheather@nrao.edu, NRAO, PO Box 2, Green Bank, WV 24944, phone 304-456-2209


Harsha Blumer - West Virginia University

Sue Ann Heatherly - NRAO-Green Bank

Maura McLaughlin - West Virginia University

Student Registration

If you don't see your school in the list please contact your teacher sponsor. They will need to register first to create a school entry as well as a team. If you have been unable to secure a teacher sponsor and will be working independently please choose "Green Bank Observatory" as your school with "GBScience" as your team.

If you are participating in the online workshop we will email your parent or guardian to share our online privacy policy, and to gain permission for your participation.